is your company ready to launch or expand a

revenue-generating partner program?

Consider having a chat with Grace Lanni, CRN Channel Champ and strategic partnership designer for software, services,

and hardware companies.

Those of you who are looking to enhance your personal/profession brands, Grace is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and podcast host. Her experience with sponsorship programs and

partnerships to elevate these businesses

could be a game-changer for your team!

recent projects


business coach


Digital Employee Experience Software Platform

Retained to support the merger of two company partner programs and elevate the offering for future and upleveled partner opportunities.

Top Franchisor 2nd Act

Global Franchisor sold her remaining (15) locations to reset and prepare for her 2nd Act. After receiving several requests for assistance, she engaged Grace to launch her new Business Coaching platform complete with referral partners.

Intl Manufacturer

$MM and 15 years in, this CEO was ready to design an apprenticeship program for folks who were ready for a 6-figure career to do so on-the-job. Retained Grace to uplevel existing Manufacturer Rep marketing materials, sales process, and to expand their new high-volume global business.

what you get by working with grace


Step one is LISTEN, or more specifically discovery. Grace's ability to synthesize disparate information allows her to create recommended course corrections that are easy to understand, follow, and recognize ROI.

activation plan

Step two is DESIGN. Once you've selected a go-forward vision for your business and partnerships, Grace will custom develop an action plan complete with your team to-dos and any action items to be delivered by her team.


Step three is Delivery. Leveraging a project management tool, you'll be able to follow the progress of our collaborative efforts.

competitive analysis

Your partner tribe is looking for your solutions.  When they can't find you, they're doing nothing OR working with one of your competitors.  This workshop will help you define the key elements of the competitive landscape.

partner resource management (PRM)

A growing partner channel is best fulfilled by have a PRM which ensures the co-selling and co-marketing activities are supporting your partners as well and training and communications are critical to success.


This can easily be described as capturing the voice of the customer. Yes, the end user must be engaged and supported. Spending the same time with partners who are serving your audience can be even moreso.